Wednesday, 20 April 2011


After Alexander McQueen's untimely and tragic death we were all left wondering who on earth could possibly even attempt to try and fill the gaping hole left behind by such a creative visionary who produced what seemed like such delicate breathtaking shows with such ease and triumph.

Then into the frame stepped Sarah Burton. Unsure and hesitant were we all. There was something unnerving about the idea of McQueen in a new age that scared us slightly and its a great risk, one that few would be prepared to take. After all, it could make or break your career.

Effectively you have to deliver the same outstanding quality paired with inspiration, creative talent and knowledge yet at the same time bring a new viewpoint to McQueen's vision without dramatically shaping the label differently, and add your own stamp. Well, its not for the fainthearted.

But come showtime, quite literally its its fair to say we were all pretty impressed, She'd managed to do all of the above and like McQueen's - she made it look easy. With all this said you'd expect her to stay loyal - for a good few years at least... but fashion buzz is all around and rumour has it she could be off to be a certain someones replacement at Dior.

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