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Most of you probably know that Scars Of fashion is my second blog, my first was UglyJessie.

I created this one in october half term, at first my plan was for it to be without a recognized author - but then I realised outfit posts would be difficult and I might slip up telling friends of my new bargains! I made this because I was getting to the point where I wasn't writing my best on UglyJessie because I felt I had to write.

Here, I write when and only when i'm inspired. My blog used to be just about fashion. But then I came back from camp and everything changed. Everything went back to how it used to be.

 See, I've been a christian since I was around 11, and I'd been trying to live for God for these past four years but since august everything had really been going down hill, bad style. I lost all hope in God and at one point I nearly gave up being a christian! But everyone must have been praying lots, and well then I found myself at Res!

to cut a long story short, I basically discovered God once again and learnt a lot of things. I then realised how important it is for people to get to know God and well, Its just impossible to not share about God in my life so I made my blog about God and fashion :)

I really hope this blog inspires you, whether it be with the latest fashion trends or taking a leap of faith with getting to know God more.