The author.

I'm Jess. I prefer not to be called Jessica. I love fashion, always have, always will. I blog about God because It is it should be the most important thing in my life, sometimes I let other things take over but I'm human and its what I do.

Music is really important to me, I reckon if God asked me to through away all my clothes I could...But I'd struggle to give up my Ipod. (its my fourth by the way, Lost the first one within 4 months, the second one made it to 5, The 3rd lasted a year and 3 months)

As of late I love photography...
I love capturing a moment forever, especially when people laugh.
I like little things too; Daisy chains, unopened pots of nutella, new Barry M red nail varnish,  A big thick magazine for a train journey, Full Ipod Battery, Drawing hearts and finding interesting quotations, Diet Coke cans, being blissfully happy and dancing around, Mango & passionfruit frescato's, no clouds in the sky, 50's style dresses, Finding a new song and listening to them repeats, Gladiator sandals hitting the pavement. How suncream is the bottled smell of summer. Expensive perfume, making bracelets, Homemade presents, Boys who smell nice, Christmas Pj's, Noodles, getting lost in books, dancing in the rain, Sharp pencils, getting the eyeliner flick just right.