Saturday, 26 February 2011

London Fashion Weekend- Initial ramblings.

I'm writing this half asleep in my unbelievably messy room. Floordrobe has never been quite so fitting after friday nights frantic major "I have no clothes/I look terrible/ I hate my lifeeeeeeee" affair. The day started at six AM with a fringe that refused to lie flat on my face and a closed first class lounge. There were various embarrising moments to do with the tube, my auntie shouted "THE MAP IS LIKE MONOPOLY!" - que practically the whole world turn round to look at the dozy scousers & I asked the man if we could get to Huston from Covent Garden, we shall say no more.

The fashion show was fabulousssss darhling, apart from the skinniest model I have ever seen. She took thin to a whole new level - her head was actually bigger then her body. Show bags included mouthwash - what i'd always wanted! and no outfit post is hapenning anytime soon - my camera's dead.

Tomorrow ish I will blog again revealing more delights of zee little trip,
until then

(Alan Johnson was in our carridge- AHHHHHHHHHHH!)

yes alan - Pray for fashion.

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